ALLTECH has developed an ongoing relationship with VR counselors throughout the State of Maine and is pleased to provide services to VR clients. Referrals from VR counselors allow ALLTECH to work with individuals who could benefit from technology to achieve their vocational goals.

ALLTECH provides assessments, consultation, and training for technology that can improve access to those who have disabilities and are transitioning back to college or the workplace. ALLTECH is able to provide the additional service of purchasing technology for VR clients after an assessment has been conducted and the recommended technology is approved by the Department of Labor’s Vocational Rehabilitation counselors.

What Is Vocational Rehabilitation

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, also known as “VR,” is a Department of Labor program that helps people who have disabilities to find and keep a job. VR helps people who have physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.
VR works with you to help make informed choices about jobs and careers.

What Services Does VR Provide?

Every person’s rehabilitation plan is different because every person’s vocational needs are different. VR will consider any service you need to achieve the agreed upon vocational goal.

VR will help you explore different career opportunities by finding out your interests and aptitudes. As you identify careers, VR can provide information about the skills and training you need.

VR may buy tools, uniforms or basic equipment needed to start a job. VR may buy a lot of job-related things you may need to find or keep a job. VR can also help with re-training or education needed to get a new job. Sometimes VR can assist with payment for some medical/psychological services.

For more information about VR services visit the Department of Labor Division of of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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