Maine DME Reuse List

This document is a list of programs across Maine that offer second-hand durable medical equipment (DME) either for sale or no-cost loan. Entries include the names of the programs, their contact information, and a short description of their services. The locations are sorted alphabetically by county and town. The table of contents can be used to link to a particular entry. Please contact these programs directly to find out more information.

Contact us if you are a program that would like to be included on this list!

DME Glossary

This document provides an overview about general categories of durable medical equipment (DME) categories including canes, walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, commodes, and more. Each entry includes a description of the device category, price ranges, size ranges, examples of brands, and fitting and safety tips. The table of contents can be used to link to a particular entry.

Maine CITE Webinar: Don’t Throw That Out! A Guide to Medical Equipment Reuse in Maine

Recorded: June 18, 2024 – Do you have a walker or a tub seat you are no longer using? Do you need a home medical device that you cannot find or afford? Durable medical equipment (DME) reuse provides medical equipment second-hand to create less waste and make needed devices available to more people. In this webinar, we will learn what durable medical equipment is; how people acquire new and used equipment; and what resources in Maine offer equipment reuse programs.